a private money lender

Lending and Investment Platform

West Bay provides financing and acquires mortgage debt instruments for commercial real estate under the following three platforms:


  1. Acquisition and Refinance
  2. Bridge and Interim
  3. Rehabilitation and Renovation
  4. Stage-Funded
  5. Business Purpose
  6. Construction
  7. Opportunistic Situations
  8. Note Hypothecation
  9. Cash Out


  1. Provide a subordinate debt position within a senior-subordinate debt structure with a financial institution or other primary lender
  2. Participation with another lender on a pari-passu basis
  3. Joint Venture with participating debt
  4. Individual loans or portfolios


  1. Existing whole loans and portfolios
  2. Subordinate debt of whole loans or portfolios
  3. Performing debt but will consider some non-performing loans or portfolios
  4. Seller carry-back financing
  5. Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS)